How Facial Recognition can improve the Security of your gym

Security systems play an important role in today’s world from public streets to shopping centres and train stations, cameras are everywhere we look. Now, a complete 24hr surveillance solution integrated with CCTV cameras and Facial Recognition is finally here.

Gyms are Evolving

The concept of the 24hr Gym surveillance with Facial Recognition System is great. Working from 9-5 is becoming a thing of the past, with more workers doing shifts, varying work hours or working later and earlier to avoid rush hour traffic.

    AccuFACE facial recognition CCTV Serveillance System











Opening a 24/7 fitness centre is a great way to stay competitive as it will appeal to a range of customers who need to fit a workout around a busy schedule. FBT CCTV cameras, NVR/DVRs, monitors, alarms and Facial Recognition are making this practice safer and more accessible.

AccuFACE® Facial Recognition Technology

AccuFACE® with Dual Infrared Lens Camera and full colour LCD touch-screen provides Facial Recognition system with excellent access control, security, time & attendance.


  • Communicate greatly with existing access control, security, time & attendance systems.

Contactless and Non-Invasive

  • No need for physical contacts for the system
  • User can choose different light levels from darkness to in light

Embedded System

  •  No external computer required
  •  Energy efficient and low running costs

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Different security settings are available

Reliable and High Performance

  • Simple and fast positioning and recognition within 1 second
  • The latest proven facial recognition technology being used at immigration, government agencies, customs and financial institutions.

With AccuFACE® Facial Recognition Technology, you can finally sleep at night, knowing your 24-hour gym is in safe hands. 

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