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Polycom Soundstation Conference Telephones

Polycom SoundStation Conferencing Phones are the best in the market for clear communications in meeting environments.

 Polycom soundstation Conferencing Business Telephone System

Polycom Soundstation gives you the freedom to conference anywhere team collaboration is needed – even in rooms where there are no phone lines. the Setting the new standard for everyday conferencing, Polycom Soundstation offers superior voice quality with the award winning SoundStation, proven wireless technology, added security of voice encryption and up to 24 hours of talk time.

For clear, efficient and productive conference calls, Polycom Soundstation is the industry standard and a fixture in meeting rooms across the world, because they deliver superb voice quality, expansive microphone pickup, advanced audio processing and all the features that make your conference calls seem as natural as being in the same room.


Polycom Soundstation Conferencing Units

Polycom Soundstation 2 from Samsung

Polycom SoundStation 2 (with display)  

Soundstation 2 is suitable for SMB conferences that feature up to 10 users on one call.

Polycom Soundstation 2 EX from Samsung

Polycom SoundStation 2 EX  

Soundstation 2 EX encompasses all of the feature of the Soundstation 2 (with display) with added accessories to enhance any conference call. 

  * Mics Not Included


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Polycom Soundstation Voice Conferencing Solutions can be installed for nearly any room environment and deliver amazing voice quality, so that you maintain the attention of your audience, communications are clear and effective, and you can focus on the real purpose of the teleconference, instead of focusing on the audio of the conversation and getting that right. As such the Polycom Soundstation is able to create a more realistic and meaningful meeting environment for your business.

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