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   Corded Headsets & Cordless Headsets

Corded Headset

Corded Headsets 

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 Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets

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To increase mobility and productivity in providing products and services, you may need to invest in some business headsets for your staff. There are many types of headsets that you can use within your business and you need to choose the one that suits your business needs best. Some options are:

  • Corded Headsets
  • Cordless Headsets or Wireless Headsets
  • Polycom Soundstations

With wireless headsets there will be no more cords, tangles or disconnecting a headset!  At Future Business Technology Group you can choose from a great range of wireless headsets to suit your business telephone solution including:

  • Premium Wireless Headset (Cordless Headset) - CS510 Wireless Headset
  • Remote Handset Lifter, Lightweight - Savi HL10
  • Stylish Wireless Headset - CS540 Cordless Headset 
  • Multitask Cordless Headset - CS530 Wireless Headset 
  • Affordable Wireless Headset (Cordless Headset) - GN920 Wireless Headset ,
  • Remote Handset Lifter -  GN1000

Our latest HD Wireless Headsets offer unrivalled features in Lightweight HD Wireless Headsets technology with HD Wideband Sound, Dual Connectivity, 150m of cordless headset connectivity, talk time of 13+ hours, user friendly ergonomic colour touchscreens, 1 -2 hour battery recharge, talk and charge features, noise cancelling microphones, plus extended safety and warranty periods just to name a few.

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