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 Samsung Communications Centre White Papers


Trends and Opportunities of using IP and SIP in the SMB marketplace

This whitepaper explores how packet based, data centric, technologies are transforming telephony in the SMB market. It describes the traditional TDM and analog methods for carrying voice calls within and between customer offices, and compares those methods to the newer packet based approaches.

It also provides information about the changes that Ethernet LAN technology has made to the delivery of data for CTI applications.


Quick guide to purchasing a communications solution

Your business telephony system is your most important technology investment. Get it right and your organisation’s window to the outside world becomes an automated marketing tool, a financial controller and a security system. Get it wrong and you could be losing customers before they even talk to someone and not even know it.


Self Defense for VoIP Networks

This white paper looks at the changes within the communication industry from the late 1990s to the present day, discussing the potential threats posed by hackers when migrating from traditional voice systems to IP-based systems. The paper also discusses the latest generation of voice switches from Samsung – the OfficeServ 7000 series which incorporate sophisticated data security features which effectively protect the voice switch from hacker attacks.


Virtual Enterprise

In the new global economy with global reach and tough competition and operations, organisations have to adapt and change in order to compete effectively. In order to compete with the global giants, companies have to concentrate on core competencies, and learn to work and collaborate with other organisations that compliment their skills and core activities.


Presence and collaboration in IP communications and the impact of new standards

This white paper is part of a series on Voice over IP and Voice over Wireless produced by Samsung. This document seeks to explore the development of new IP based communications applications and the evolution of the standards that support them. Presence and collaboration are key enablers of the Virtual Enterprise and have a direct impact on the take up of VoIP and Voice over wireless.


ACD - How it works

There are several stages to consider with purchasing an ACD system. This paper looks at  each of the following considerations in turn

  1. The system architecture and how calls are handled by the system and controlling software. 
  2. The decision processes of the controlling software. 
  3. The real time management of the system. 
  4. The management reporting system. 
  5. Making the system failsafe.

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